Winter Solstice 2016

Another six months have passed on Earth since our last communiqué and so it’s time for another roundup…

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Summer Solstice 2016

Essential wax fe maxin an relaxin.

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Winter Solstice 2015

Our biannual roundup of all things great on wax.

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Summer Solstice 2015

Twenty vinyl releases you should pay serious attention to…

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Transmission #5

Transmission #5 by Bucw on Mixcloud

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Gwizski Mix

Superb selection of Modern Funk courtesy of Gwizski from Omega Supreme Records.

Features some favourites, classics and a few exclusives. Big Ups!


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2014 Sound Review

It’s been over 6 months since our last communiqué and it’s time to round up another year in time honoured tradition.

The Synth Funk continues…

This time last year we were all over Modern Funk and it’s broader downbeat family of sound. 2014 has seen a continuance, albeit at a slightly slower pace, of quality output in this genre.

Omega Supreme brought us the superb Sasac Hyperion LP, on beautiful glacial blue translucent vinyl. Mofunk hit us up with a slew of sevens, most notably ’Press Play’ by XL Middleton/Eddie Funkster and Zackey Force Funk. Zacky also featured on the N8Noface LP distributed by PPU, a new level of SlowMo. On a broader Hip Hop/R&B tip Hot16′s 1983 EP hits hard with four killer tracks while from the outfield Mr Krime’s ‘Feel This Way’ EP couldn’t help but catch our attention with Squair Blaq laying it down on ‘We Got That’. Also, a little late on the uptake but SpoxPHD’s Chicken Scratch further augmented Oxygen’s statesmanlike position on mic. Meanwhile on the instrumentals tip Ras G showered us with LoFi Dub and Reggae FX on the LP release of his Raw Fruit series.

Standout releases from Brian Ellis with his  Reflections LP on Voltaire Records and the debut seven on Austin Boogie Crew by Beturia along with a smattering of material from favourites such as Dam Funk and Moon B amongst others has kept the Modern Funk vibe alive and kicking through 2014.

What’s Up In The House?

Last years review focussed primarily on Synth Funk as the sound had blossomed that year and somewhat overshadowed all around it. So aside from tracks featured in our charts we haven’t talked about good ol’ House music too much, which is somewhat misrepresentative as it’s everpresent in all we do here at BUCW. So what of the House sound of 2014?

In a word, Gospel! Ernest & Just smashed our floors with “Still Here”. A live edit of a thumping Gospel throwdown pressed on a one sided Misterio release. Loopy, compressed and as ever with Gospel – super soulful. Top of our Summer chart and rightfully so, a true dancefloor destroyer!

But one tune doesn’t make a night of it so what else was nodding heads and throwing shapes this past year?

Dwilt Sharpp’s remix of Discocorico on Favourite indulged our ‘French Touch’ tastes. Tony Adams got busy with Don Armando’s Deputy Of Love for a straight dancefloor edit which never fails on Chit Chat records. Editorial records threw out a number of quality edits courtesy of Riccio, JKriv and others. Cratebug and DJ Steef took us back to Warehouse roots with Circo and La Musica on Bug and Toy-Tonics respectively. Smash House peak time jams from Ste Spandex and Chicago Damn on Rothmans and Krispy Keations kept hands in the air. Philpot records outta Stuttgart dropped Trackworx 1. Roman Rauch peak stomper on one side and Ike disco chug throwdown on the flip. Waldemar Schwartz gave us something fresh in the musical midtempo bracket on the prolific Golf Channel label whilst our full on Disco appetites were satisfied by Davin Dare’s Get Into It on the mighty Stilove4music.

House producer of the year goes to S3A for delvering three straight up Jack Jams in the shape of 4 Danilo on Lazare Hoche,  The First Year on his own Sampling As An Art Records and his Wurm remix of Lay-Far’s Pensamento Nova on Cityfly. These are all bonafide house of the ilk that Jack built and guaranteed to move bodies.

On the deep tip Berlin’s Box Aus Holz Records continued to murk it up with with their distinctive crunchy shuffle. Pender Street Steppers blissed us out with their “Life In The Zone” cassette.  Andras Fox delivered two EPs including another wonderful collaboration with Oscar on the Café Romantica EP. The everpresent Kolour Ltd bought us quality EPs by Four Walls+Funky Jams, Thatmanmonkz and Kai Alice.

Leaning towards the Balaeric end of the deep spectrum Slomo grooves from North Pollard, Dave Allison, Tony Watson on Adult Contemporary, Telephones, Onyricon and Apiento & Co kept us vibing through Summer. In the same category tracks by Green Linez, Jets, Silver Linings, Tony Palkovic, Jexopolis and ChannelXXX kept things eclectic.  We really should get round to Transmitting these in time for the longer lazy days of 2015 to come… watch this space!

Lastly on the Disco tip, plenty represses throughout the year, but to pick three Joanne Wilson’s Got To Have You is a Caribbean delight. The never released before John Morales mixes of a pair of Salsoul classics on BBE was a treat for Record Store Day and last but by no means least the super heavyweight Where Love Lives by Evans Pyramid. An almost quasi-religious uplifting proto-house gem that you’ll swear you’ve lived with all your life without realising!

The above mentioned tunes represent a fraction of  what’s been rocking our spaces this past year so a massive thanks to all the independent labels and free thinking artists who contribute to such a rich musical scene.

Big Up Chests Worldwide.






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Summer Solstice 2014

Alright, we accept we’ve been incredibly slack of late not posting any mixes or charts for over six months but now we’re back in Earth orbit it’s time to catch up.

Check these super slabs of molten million year old organics…

1.Earnest & Just-Still Here (Misterio/MST002)

Superheavyweight Gospel throwdown. Hallelujah!

2. Evans Pyramid-Where Love Lives (PPU/PPU060)

Original proto-house uptempo boogie.

3. Damiano Von Erckert-Giant Pandas An Other Fine Things (Ava/Ava006)

Me Like You is a modern boogie gem.

4. XL Middleton & Eddie Funkster Feat. Zackey Force Funk-Press Play (Mofunk004)

Serious Modern Funk blaster.

5. Revolution Francais-Translocomotion (Favorite/FVR087)

Dwilt Sharpp mix kills it classic French House style.

6. S3A-Mimesis (Lazare Hoche/LHR08)

Discofunk is straight up House doin it!

7. Social Lovers-Call Me Up (Cherries/CH007)

Modern Boogie/House fusion.

8. African Shakedown Vol2 (African Shakedown/ASD02)

Various electronic edits of quality Afro funk.

9.Moon B-II (PPU/PPU051)

Murky low slung funk.

10. N8NOFACE-Nasty Funk (20,000 Women/20KW1)

Slomo  sample funk.

11. Hot16-1983 EP (Liquid Beat/LB9)

Various 80s flavours in Modern R&B/Hip Hop style.

12. Mr Krime-Feel This Way (U Know Me/UKM028)

Brilliant Synth Funk Hip Hop EP

13. Ras G-Raw Fruit 1&2 (Leaving/LR2432)

Beats for hard chillin.

14. Tony Adams-Deputy Of Love (Chit Chat/CCR003)

Classic Disco re-bumped, infectious.

15. Green Linez-Hibiscus Pacific (Alliance Upholstery/AU001)

Balaeric downbeat.

16. Glenn Astro- Chemistry EP (Tartelet/TART027)

Murky Deep Garage shuffle.

17. Roman Rauch/Ike-Trackworx 1 (Philpot/PHP070)

Super pristine House jack.

18. Shine Grooves-Cairo EP (Rough House Rosie/RHR004)

Super Deep House to drift away to.

19. Jets-Midas Touch (Leisure System/LSR010)

Classic gets the modern re-rub.

20. Dave Allison-Cocktail Blue EP (Kinjo/KIN002)

Dreamy summer bliss.



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Synth Funk


If it doesn’t exist on Wikipedia then it doesn’t exist right? 2013 has been the year for what we like to loosely call “Synth Funk”.

Modern New Urban/G-wave/G-funk/Synth-wave/Modern Funk/Sleep-wave call it what you will. We’re talking about the emergence of a core of labels and artists who have filled the marketplace with quality molten wax this year. An underground movement.  A collective of like minded Funk lovers exploring the possibilities and sharing the results to enrich those whom are interested.

And interested we have been.  Our thirst for fresh downbeat synth dubs and super smooth soul quenched by a string of quality releases throughout the year.

Dam Funk’s opus Toeachizown stands as the blueprint to Synth Funk, and with each of the five LPs repressed at the start of the year it perfectly ushered in the new wave.

A catalyst, in the form of the mighty Peoples Potential Unlimited Records, would help stimulate the scene by pushing out an ever expanding catalogue of original boogie and emergent modern funk.

No label embodies this emergence as aptly as Portland’s Omega Supreme Records. A lone debut 12 in 2012 by Turqouise Summers paved the way for what has been a great year for Gwizski’s label. Starting with the eponymous Sasac promo, a Stockholm based solo musician, delivering a soothing selection of relaxed grooves brilliantly put out on cassette (a trend we covered in Cassette Review), the ferric presentation adding to to the lo-fi vibe and providing a bridge to the 80s from where this sound draws such influence.

A 7″ of the incredibly catchy  “All Pleasures” sealed the desire for a Sasac LP which graced our decks before autumn.  Omega Supreme followed the same cassette and LP M.O. with Turquoise Summers brilliant “Touch Of Turquoise” album and also found time to put together the Raw Silk Vol.1 compilation featuring tracks from the aforementioned Sasac and Turquoise Summers alongside K-Maxx, Bus Crates 16 Bit Ensemble, Benedek and Roating Souls’ East Liberty Quarters. This LP acts as a timely benchmark as the year draws to a close.

Omega Supreme records are but one of a handfull of independents pushing this sound and the big daddy of them all is the aforementioned publishing and distribution behemoth that is Peoples Potential Unlimited. Synth Funk is intrinsically linked to the Boogie resurgence which has been fed by the endeavors of this great label. “That sound” impossible to source, independently released golden nuggets from back in the hayday of post disco 80s funk, the preserve of the hardcore collector, brought forward, remastered, pressed and distributed. Any modern funk fancier should owe a debt of gratitude to PPU. It really is the Star to which the rest of the scene orbits, a position which holds it up as our label of the year 2013.

Already sporting a healthy back cat of rare boogie funk at the start of the year PPU records went from strength to super strength in 2013 pushing new funk not just by distributing other like minded labels but by releasing original new works by the likes of Moon B and Benedek. Cosmic Chronic is another Modern Funk label distributed by PPU. Their sun drenched murky smooth grooves fully befit their Miami base.

Synth Funk is not a microscene restricted to the US however; in it’s many fusions  it has proven itself to be truly global. Take single of the year Pomslap by Belgian based keyboard genius Pomrad for example. A devastating slice of Synth Funk complete with vocoders and screaming keyboards, he’s the standard bearer, like Onra before him, setting the bar for others to gulp at. A warm thankyou to Ernest Endeavours for bringing us that one, another label that has helped shape the scene with a catalogue featuring 12′s from Darkhouse Fam and B Bravo. Another European label, Belgium’s On-Point records, made a splash with Masaratays Sexxxy and other sounds of a quirky downbeat nature.

What this breadth of sound shows us is that Synth Funk isn’t just the evolution of West Coast G-Funk but can be arrived at from a downbeat electronica, beats and soulful nu-urban angles alike.

Take K-Maxx with his smooth R&B blend, his four tracker on Sweater Funk following up last years Supadrunk with aplomb. Cherries Records have established themselves as THE go to label for quality independent soul, some of which, Amelia and Proh-Mic in particular, wouldn’t sound out of place on commercial radio but not to their detriment. Tony Oziers “Back To The Mitten” was picked up by the Bastard Jazz label for their Tempo Dreams 2 Comp, another benchmark release that also features tracks by the aforementioned Pomrad and K-Maxx amongst others. The first Tempo Dreams comp had been put together by Tall Black Guy and he returned in 2013 with his 8 Miles To Monart LP. Probably not strictly what we’re calling Synth Funk here but not to pigeonhole too tightly there has been a lot of top quality downbeat this year. Bastard Jazz also brought us the futuristic uptempo sounds of Colm K. Representative of the deeper, dubier modern garage sounds again demonstrating the diversity of a sound into which Synth Funk has broadened it’s horizons significantly in 2013. Another fine example of this being one of our house tunes of the year, Mike Kay’s Low Altitude. Antipodean boogie coming on like a phat Metro Area smokin blunt it’s one of very few house tempo Synth Funk tracks and it certainly straddles some boundaries.

As the year draws to a close,  and just to put the cherry on the cake, Dam Funk and Snoopzilla have just released their 7 Days Of Funk LP which sees Snoop Dog getting busy over refashioned and new Dam beats with guest slots for Steve Arrington and Bootsy Collins. The first’Hollywood Releas’ of this burgeoning scene.

So from a clutch of producers and labels that have been keeping it real for a while to the shoots of a globe spanning genre in about a year. When you open it up to include like sounds from the world of Electronica, Hip-Hop, Beats, Ambient and Originals you find you have a definate genre nurtured by truely devoted independant artists and labels which, for us, has been the sound of 2013. Still, what do we know? We’re currently 60 million light years away in NGC 1232.

You need these records:-

Dam Funk – Toeachizown LP

Genre defining epic set over FIVE long players.

Robbie M – LP

One of the scenes stalwarts finally gets some tracks globally distributed.

Everything on Cherries!

Chicago based true indy Soul label.

Everything on Omega Supreme!

Testament to the sound outta Portland.

B Bravo & Teeko-The Starship Connection EP

Future synth bass from space.

Pomrad-This Day EP

Next level Synth Funk coming from the downbeat electronica perspective.

K-Maxx- Eye On U EP

Retro R&B flavour from the San Fran singer songwriter.

Colm K -The Love EP

Hairs stand on end for the break on The Attic…

Private Function EP

4 tracker feat. XL Middleton/Eddie Funkster/K-Maxx/Night School and Loose Shus

Moon B LP

Techno influence from Atalanta on PPU of course!

Devito And Namuh – Cloudshine Deluxe LP

Solid 90′s sounding R&B style.

XL Middleton – Keep It Funkin 7

Infectious heavy stepper on Mo Funk.

Nite Class – Love Scenes LP

‘Drum machine soul’ on Hot Shot Sounds

She’s So Rad-Last Dance EP

Retro synth grooves on Wonderful Noise.

Steve Arrington & Dam Funk-Higher LP

Full length follow up to to Goin Hard EP

DF & Snoopzilla-7 Days Of Funk LP

It needed to happen and it finally has. Marriage made in heaven on wax.

Tempo Dreams Vol.2

Global soulful contempory compilation by Starship Connection.

Dornik -  Something About You

Ultra daytime radio R&B that remains underground.

Raw Silk Vol.1

Another genre defining comp featuring all the players.


Stones Throw

The embodiement of an independent record label. As label head Peanut Butter Wolf says “I don’t put out what I think the people will like, I put out what I like”

Peoples Potential Unlimited

Jus go there and spend as much as you can afford!

Ernest Endeavors

London based art-led label that brought us 12s by B Bravo, The Darkhouse Family and Pomrad.

Cherries Records

Quality soul independent.

Bastard Jazz

Various top standard sounds outta Brooklyn.

Cosmic Chronic

New wave murk funk from Miami.

Omega Supreme

Portland represent.

Mo Funk

Modern Funk from the epicentre, Pasadena, LA.

Hot Shot Sounds

“New drum machine soul” from Benny Badge and Inkswel.


San Fran collective pushing the good stuff.


Brussels based label on point.

Liquid Beat

Hip Hop and Soul styles always on wax.

Sound Boutique

Top class Bay Area new and original boogie press.

Shouts to anybody we’ve missed. Much love to all the artists, DJs, labels, collectors, listeners and supporters of this fantastic genre. Here’s to a musically properous 2014.
















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Autumnal Hot Wax

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