Liger Music Vol.2

Tom Noble, along with Whitemare on this occasion, throw out more super rare boogie funk for our listening pleasure with Liger Music Vol.2, released on Liger Vision Media. Gloriously lo-fi, this compilation is the closest you’ll get to owning some very rare jams a number of which are seriously fresh.

This mix has been on permanent rotation at Slough Studio Central for weeks and doesn’t tire. Needless to say Vol.1 is well worth checking out also, not least because it features the superb “Sending All My Love Out” by Emerson. The sleeve reveals “The Names Of Radiance” that are currently pushing the rare boogie revival, these include Dam-Funk, Stones Throw Records, and Peoples Potential Unlimited amongst others. You cannot go far wrong checking out any output from these cats and if you’re lucky enough to be L.A. local then you can enjoy some live bizness courtesy of the Funkmosphere DJ’s.

We maybe several hundred lightyears from Earth right now but we’re picking this up loud and clear!

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