September Hot Wax

Quality releases of late seem to be of housier persuasion. No qualms about that!

1. Norm De Plume – Tribute To JBW (Kolour Ltd/KLRLTD006)

Quirky, jerky orchestral deepness from the label of many colours.

2. Omar S & Colonel Abrams – Who Wrote The Rules Of Love (FXHE/FXHE O&C)

Fresh classic from Detroit.

3.Move D – Track A (Workshop/Workshop 013/63541)

Deep click meets jazz disco with its own video!

4. Duff Disco – Grand Master Duff (Duff Disco/Duff Disco006)

Slo-mo champions rework “The Message” in signature heavyweight style.

5. Lovebirds – Honeybadger EP (Teardrop/TD005)

Polished deep with “Don’t Give A Shit” on the flip sure to win approval from the Ron Hardy appreciation society!

6. Eros – Eros (Eros01)

Four tracks of post disco proto house perfection.

7.  Nebraska – Displacement LP (Rush Hour/RH-N1LP)

Uber deep selection of house cuts.

8. Lovebirds & Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul (Winding Road/Road027)

Anthem alert, big sounding balaeric vibe burning up the sun terrace!

9. SE62 – Sweet Memories (Taikomochi/MOOCHI002)

Incessently filtered shuffle house just the way we like it.

10. L’ill Bo Tweak – Musics Hypnotising (Ghettostep mix) (Loungin’ Recordings/LGN023)

Rave anyone?

We’re back in Juno orbit so jump in a shuttle and head to the surface here.

Or beam the sounds straight to your console here.



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