Our exposure to Dam Funk started with this. The track is taken from the Rhythm Trax Vol 4 EP released on Stones Throw Records in 2008. Paired brilliantly with the classic Outrun video game it sets the scene for an artist who clearly looks to the past to influence the present.

Toeachizown, Dam Funks epic first LP (Perhaps a little elongated in its five vinyl incarnation, we acquired the condensed double CD, shame!) is without doubt a modern classic. You’ll never tire of listening to the smoothness. All original material made with classic hardware and a serious dose of funk, never contrived, always with feeling. Very original, even if it sounds like 1983. Dame seems to simultaneously exist in the past and the future, a funk time traveller urging you along for the ride. Limited vocals add to the laid back, loungin’, block cruising vibe. But, as Dame rightly demonstrates on particular tracks, vocal hooks and melodies are part of the vision and in the years since there’s been further ellaborations on some of the tracks wrestling to free themselves from this LP.

First up for the 12″ feature release, Hood Pass Intact. Dame injecting some street corner attitude and a real message in the lyrics. This is to be expected, you ain’t gonna get no lame ass pop rap rubbish from someone who’s so firmly rooted in keeping it real. “Don’t Shoot, don’t shoot.. stop killin the young ones” 4 My Homies picks up the same street positivity in all its swagger. This is genius at work. Shortly after and continuing in the same vein, Steve Arringtons Goin Hard EP on Stones Throw featured beats laid down by Dam Funk also.

And so what now? Dam Funk has been touring with his band Master Blazter and polishing his vocal skills. The Stones Throw Direct to Disc vinyl only limited EP out November11 will give all those who’ve not been to a show a feel for the experience. It features two favourites from Toeachizown in Mirrors and I Wanna Thankyou the latter a classic piece of song writing if ever there was. Check this rehearsal recording.

Obviously, when it comes to spinnin the vinyl Dame doesn’t disappoint. There’s no compromise in the boogie, more often than not introducing the listener to never before heard obscure spaced out funk. The way it should be. Check…


And what artist is complete without a Beats In Space show!…


Long may Dam Funk bath us in his vision of the future.



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