Now we’ve had a few weeks for the dust to settle on what was a fantastic year for disco vinyl it seems only appropriate we select some of the highlights.
2011 was somewhat overwhelming for slo-mo disco and deep house edits and it’s only now after a traditionally quiet January that we can take stock and look back with some perspective at what came and conquered the loungefloor!
So here we have, in no particular order, the top five online casino australia real money movers and shakers of 2011…

Fantastic Man-Groove With You (Kolour Ltd)
Cream of the bountiful Melbourne deep sound, Fantastic Man sets the standard.

Duff Disco-You Wish (Duff Disco)
Skee-Lo gets the Duff treatment. One of the finest examples of slo-mo disco out there.

Cole Medina-Do What You Like (House Arrest)
Hip-House throwdown courtesy of some fat beats over Digital Underground. Devastating.

Memoryman-Quincy (Small World Disco Edits)
The Italo slo-mo chug took a backseat to other emerging sounds in 2011. But SWDE released this absolute dancefloor demolisher just so peeps wouldn’t forget who stoked this re-edit revival in the first place.

Doctor Dru & The Adana Twins-Juicy (Black Jukebox)
Sub-heavy drops throughout this filtered house edit of Mtume. A classic treatment for a classic track.

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