Basic Fingers

Swedish underground disco/house edits label Basic Fingers has been building a head of steam from last year and is now blasting out destroyers left, right and centre!

The prompt for this inclusion to our ‘Independents Of Merit’ label hall of fame comes in the shape of three releases in as many weeks (almost) of super high standard.

Jazzy Jens “C U In LA” is currently tearing up our summer playlists. A fantastic re-rub of Mascara’s highly collectable original replete with heartfelt pianos and a yearning Vandross aching for his post tour homecoming. Its the backing singers ‘I Love You’  line on the chorus that seals the deal for us though, check…

Another release thats so hot it’s got a sales restriction slapped on it over on planet Juno is the single sided ‘Gold Fingers’ pressing by Sir Own entitled Hooked. Familiar sample material melded into one of the daytime summer groovers of 2012. Good to see the web generation catered for with a great video…

Hot on the heels of these releases a further bomb in the shape of Gredits “Musique Love” dropped just now and with another Kon groover imminent Basic Fingers are showing no signs of slowing up.
If you’ve got a spare hundred squid you can even pick up the entire back cat as they appear to all be in press. I suggest you consider it.


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