Speak to anybody who expresses an interest in Hip Hop, even those who consider themselves  aficionados of the genre and you’ll likely find they’ve never heard of Edan let alone experienced his next level prowess in the field of beats and rhymes. More fool them because Edan is arguably the  greatest producer-MC of the 21st Century thus far. No contest in our opinion although the Humble Magnificent himself would, as the name suggests,  probably disagree.

Sprain Your Tapedeck EP is the release which simultaneously shook us awake from the moody rap slumber of the late 90′s and ripped a time portal in the very fabric of Hip Hop that took us back to whence it began. The one man arsenal keeping it real on production and mic duties. Each track on the EP demonstrates both lyrical dexterity and humour in large doses.  Amongst the six tracks a tongue in cheek nod at gangster attitude on Run That Shit, live homage to the originator on Schooly D Knew The Time, battle toasting on MC’s Smoke Crack and a track that wouldn’t sound out of place on Sesame Street in Beautiful Food. Sprain Your Tapedeck EP is the most complete Hip Hop EP out there and should have fans fighting over the precious wax like it’s the last water on Earth but incredibly it could be yours for peanuts so get over to Discogs now!

A couple of LPs (The second of which, Beauty & The Beat, features the extra dimensional “Promised Land”. A lesson in pushing the creative envelope) a slew of singles and the odd guest appearance brings us, relatively close, to the present and a psychedelic excursion into the back cat of Traffic Entertainment Groups collection of early funk, disco and hip hop in Echo Party. Accompanied by an appropriately colourful film, commissioned from his friend Tom Fitzgerald, this represents Edans most recent work. On this project Edan even hand stamped every sleeve himself. This stands as testiment to Edan’s grounding and adds significant value to his vision.

Hear what the man himself thinks of it all in this interview…


Check Edan’s website: www.humblemagnificent.com

If you care for a full dose of what Edan has to offer look no further than this mix put together for the Mixcloud Universe…

Lastly, props to the editor who put together this little vid for the aforementioned “Beautiful Food”…


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