2013 Vernal Equinox Hot Wax

Vinyl selections to make you feel fine…

1. Grooveman Spot Feat. Capital A – Inevitable (Jazzy Sport/JSV135)

Total Hip-House throwdown. Large.

2. Inkswel – Tu Machito (Firecracker/Unthank004)

Favela Electro with proportionate 10″ sleeve!

3. Sexual Harrassment – You Are My Sexual Connection (Dam-Funk & Lil’ Kenny version) (Citinite/Nite-16)

Electro Cyber Boogie Monster.

4. Maseratay – Sexxxy (On-Point/OP08)

Very nice downbeat synth funk.

5. Circle City Band – Circle City Band (LuvNHeight/LHR100681)

Gladiators and My Place stand out in the Electro Boogie Club queue, in you come!

6. JKriv & The Disco Machine – Make It Hot (Mixes) (File Under Disco/FUD04)

Idjuts dub out whilst Duff Disco get Balaeric.

7. Tiger & Woods – Banana Balls EP (Editainment/TAIN11)

More infectious best bitcoin casino Houseyness…

8. MCDE-Send A Prayer (MCDE1210)

Satisfying with more signature phatness.

9. Tornado Wallace – Thinking Allowed (ESP Institute/ESP015)

Tornado gets busy on the meditation tape samples.

10. Sasac – All Pleasures (Omega Supreme/BT1002)

Exceptional downbeat synthfunk from Stockholm. Seek the tape album.

11. KMFH – Down! (Wild Oats/WO-6K)

The best 90s Chi House since 90s Chi House!

12. DJ Vas – Re-edits & More Vol.1 (EDR/EDR017)

“One Love” is where the warmth’s at.

13. Randee Jean – You Got It (Clone Royal/Royal14)

Eleven years on, Lips deliver quality mixed house package.

14. JKriv & The Disco Machine – Make It Acid (File Under Disco/FUD05)

Idjuts on the deep acid tip.

15. Yam Who – Demo Disc 19 (Demo Disc/DEDISC019)

N Funkin drenches with string soaked groove.

16. Moon B – Moon B (Peoples Potential Unlimited/PPU043)

Lo-Fi Electro outta Atlanta.

17. Robbie M – Let’s Groove (Peoples Potential Unlimited/PPU042LP)

Great Artist, Great Label, Great Sound!

18. Persnickety All Stars – The Final Round (Persnickety/PS1008)

Getting drunk in Tokyo never sounded so good.

19. Lindstrom – Vos-Sako-Rv (Todd Terje Edit) (Smalltown Supersound/STS23712)

Baroque Android Parlour Music.

20. Space Dimension Controller – Welcome To Mikrosector 50 (R&S/RS1303LP)

Long awaited audio Sci-Fi journey arrives and doesn’t disappoint.

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