Summer Solstice 2013

It’s the height of summer down in our Earth landing zone and time for our second summary of all the platters of matter that really matter. Since the equinox downbeat synthfunk has taken off and in its many forms dominates this list almost completely. In no particular order, after Pomrad!….

1. Pomrad – This Day EP (Ernest Endeavors/EE006)

Next Level Proto-Synth business, setting the bar.

2. K-Maxx – Sweater Funk Presents (Sound Boutique/SB004)

Untouchable independent Soul.

3.Tall Black Guy – 8 Miles To Moenart (First Word/FW92)

Super quality deep downbeat.

4. Homeboy Sandman – Kool Herc:Fertile Crescent (Stones Throw/STH2319)

Uniquely delivered Ol’ Skool style Hip Hop.

5. DJ Vas – Re-Edits & More Vol.1 & 2 (EDR17/18)

French Touch Disco Edits.

6. Potatohead People – Back To My Shit (Bastard Jazz/BJ7:11)

Hip Hop way too strong for popular consumption.

7. Dwight Sykes – Songs Vol.1 (Peoples Potential Unlimited/PPU-044)

Ultra Lo-Fi connoisseur blend strong funk.

8. Dreamboat – Special Kiss (Cosmic Chronic/CC#92)

Miami murk boogie.

9. Cole Medina – Disk Union Series (Licorice Delight/LD002,LD003,LD004)

Edit bombing 90s R & B triple release.

10. Andras Fox Ft. Oscar S. Thorn ‎– Embassy Café (Dopeness Galore/DG 11 001)

Deep Art House package.

11. Max Graef ‎– Am Fenster (Tartelet Records/TART 025)

The new Deep House-Step sound.

12. Boe & Zak – Kiss My Cologne (Editainment/TAIN12)

Just beats but serious BEATS.

13. DJ Sprinkles – Kissing Costs Extra (Kolour LTD/KLRLTD013)

Uber deep layered blend.

14. Bjørn Torske & Siob Latsyrc ‎– Percussion Mix 2 (Sex Tags Mania/MANIA 22)

Re-pressed Techno slammer.

15. Colm K – The Love EP (Bastard Jazz/BJ023)

Halfway through “The Attic” for the most uplifting synth break of the year so far.

16. Tufo – Leadlights (Citywurl /CWURL013)

Deep Synthbeat Garage fusion.

17. DJ Format & Edan – Spaceship Earth (Slice Of Spice/SSR-010)

Edan rappin’ ’bout space an’ shit.

18. Kid Sublime ‎– The World Tour (Dopeness Galore/DG 10 005)

Joyous Jack House.

19. Touch Sensitive ‎– Pizza Guy / Show Me (Future Classic/FCL80)

Breathy Midtempo Bounce.

20. Grimy Edits – Vol. 6 (Grimy Edits/GRIME 006)

Incessent dusty disco edits.

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