Summer Solstice 2014

Alright, we accept we’ve been incredibly slack of late not posting any mixes or charts for over six months but now we’re back in Earth orbit it’s time to catch up.

Check these super slabs of molten million year old organics…

1.Earnest & Just-Still Here (Misterio/MST002)

Superheavyweight Gospel throwdown. Hallelujah!

2. Evans Pyramid-Where Love Lives (PPU/PPU060)

Original proto-house uptempo boogie.

3. Damiano Von Erckert-Giant Pandas An Other Fine Things (Ava/Ava006)

Me Like You is a modern boogie gem.

4. XL Middleton & Eddie Funkster Feat. Zackey Force Funk-Press Play (Mofunk004)

Serious Modern Funk blaster.

5. Revolution Francais-Translocomotion (Favorite/FVR087)

Dwilt Sharpp mix kills it classic French House style.

6. S3A-Mimesis (Lazare Hoche/LHR08)

Discofunk is straight up House doin it!

7. Social Lovers-Call Me Up (Cherries/CH007)

Modern Boogie/House fusion.

8. African Shakedown Vol2 (African Shakedown/ASD02)

Various electronic edits of quality Afro funk.

9.Moon B-II (PPU/PPU051)

Murky low slung funk.

10. N8NOFACE-Nasty Funk (20,000 Women/20KW1)

Slomo  sample funk.

11. Hot16-1983 EP (Liquid Beat/LB9)

Various 80s flavours in Modern R&B/Hip Hop style.

12. Mr Krime-Feel This Way (U Know Me/UKM028)

Brilliant Synth Funk Hip Hop EP

13. Ras G-Raw Fruit 1&2 (Leaving/LR2432)

Beats for hard chillin.

14. Tony Adams-Deputy Of Love (Chit Chat/CCR003)

Classic Disco re-bumped, infectious.

15. Green Linez-Hibiscus Pacific (Alliance Upholstery/AU001)

Balaeric downbeat.

16. Glenn Astro- Chemistry EP (Tartelet/TART027)

Murky Deep Garage shuffle.

17. Roman Rauch/Ike-Trackworx 1 (Philpot/PHP070)

Super pristine House jack.

18. Shine Grooves-Cairo EP (Rough House Rosie/RHR004)

Super Deep House to drift away to.

19. Jets-Midas Touch (Leisure System/LSR010)

Classic gets the modern re-rub.

20. Dave Allison-Cocktail Blue EP (Kinjo/KIN002)

Dreamy summer bliss.



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