2014 Sound Review

It’s been over 6 months since our last communiqué and it’s time to round up another year in time honoured tradition.

The Synth Funk continues…

This time last year we were all over Modern Funk and it’s broader downbeat family of sound. 2014 has seen a continuance, albeit at a slightly slower pace, of quality output in this genre.

Omega Supreme brought us the superb Sasac Hyperion LP, on beautiful glacial blue translucent vinyl. Mofunk hit us up with a slew of sevens, most notably ’Press Play’ by XL Middleton/Eddie Funkster and Zackey Force Funk. Zacky also featured on the N8Noface LP distributed by PPU, a new level of SlowMo. On a broader Hip Hop/R&B tip Hot16′s 1983 EP hits hard with four killer tracks while from the outfield Mr Krime’s ‘Feel This Way’ EP couldn’t help but catch our attention with Squair Blaq laying it down on ‘We Got That’. Also, a little late on the uptake but SpoxPHD’s Chicken Scratch further augmented Oxygen’s statesmanlike position on mic. Meanwhile on the instrumentals tip Ras G showered us with LoFi Dub and Reggae FX on the LP release of his Raw Fruit series.

Standout releases from Brian Ellis with his  Reflections LP on Voltaire Records and the debut seven on Austin Boogie Crew by Beturia along with a smattering of material from favourites such as Dam Funk and Moon B amongst others has kept the Modern Funk vibe alive and kicking through 2014.

What’s Up In The House?

Last years review focussed primarily on Synth Funk as the sound had blossomed that year and somewhat overshadowed all around it. So aside from tracks featured in our charts we haven’t talked about good ol’ House music too much, which is somewhat misrepresentative as it’s everpresent in all we do here at BUCW. So what of the House sound of 2014?

In a word, Gospel! Ernest & Just smashed our floors with “Still Here”. A live edit of a thumping Gospel throwdown pressed on a one sided Misterio release. Loopy, compressed and as ever with Gospel – super soulful. Top of our Summer chart and rightfully so, a true dancefloor destroyer!

But one tune doesn’t make a night of it so what else was nodding heads and throwing shapes this past year?

Dwilt Sharpp’s remix of Discocorico on Favourite indulged our ‘French Touch’ tastes. Tony Adams got busy with Don Armando’s Deputy Of Love for a straight dancefloor edit which never fails on Chit Chat records. Editorial records threw out a number of quality edits courtesy of Riccio, JKriv and others. Cratebug and DJ Steef took us back to Warehouse roots with Circo and La Musica on Bug and Toy-Tonics respectively. Smash House peak time jams from Ste Spandex and Chicago Damn on Rothmans and Krispy Keations kept hands in the air. Philpot records outta Stuttgart dropped Trackworx 1. Roman Rauch peak stomper on one side and Ike disco chug throwdown on the flip. Waldemar Schwartz gave us something fresh in the musical midtempo bracket on the prolific Golf Channel label whilst our full on Disco appetites were satisfied by Davin Dare’s Get Into It on the mighty Stilove4music.

House producer of the year goes to S3A for delvering three straight up Jack Jams in the shape of 4 Danilo on Lazare Hoche,  The First Year on his own Sampling As An Art Records and his Wurm remix of Lay-Far’s Pensamento Nova on Cityfly. These are all bonafide house of the ilk that Jack built and guaranteed to move bodies.

On the deep tip Berlin’s Box Aus Holz Records continued to murk it up with with their distinctive crunchy shuffle. Pender Street Steppers blissed us out with their “Life In The Zone” cassette.  Andras Fox delivered two EPs including another wonderful collaboration with Oscar on the Café Romantica EP. The everpresent Kolour Ltd bought us quality EPs by Four Walls+Funky Jams, Thatmanmonkz and Kai Alice.

Leaning towards the Balaeric end of the deep spectrum Slomo grooves from North Pollard, Dave Allison, Tony Watson on Adult Contemporary, Telephones, Onyricon and Apiento & Co kept us vibing through Summer. In the same category tracks by Green Linez, Jets, Silver Linings, Tony Palkovic, Jexopolis and ChannelXXX kept things eclectic.  We really should get round to Transmitting these in time for the longer lazy days of 2015 to come… watch this space!

Lastly on the Disco tip, plenty represses throughout the year, but to pick three Joanne Wilson’s Got To Have You is a Caribbean delight. The never released before John Morales mixes of a pair of Salsoul classics on BBE was a treat for Record Store Day and last but by no means least the super heavyweight Where Love Lives by Evans Pyramid. An almost quasi-religious uplifting proto-house gem that you’ll swear you’ve lived with all your life without realising!

The above mentioned tunes represent a fraction of  what’s been rocking our spaces this past year so a massive thanks to all the independent labels and free thinking artists who contribute to such a rich musical scene.

Big Up Chests Worldwide.






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