It’s been a year since Onra knocked us for six with the incredible In The Night EP on Stones Throw and ever since we’ve been meaning to Big Up the Parisian with a piece outlining his uniquely heavy sound. So somewhat belatedly here it is (#slack!).

Byron & Onra “The Big Payback” (2007) first alerted us to a chilled downbeat producer who was soon to set the bar on the Underground Nu Urban scene. So underground in fact that he then flew completely under our radar until his Edits 7″ on All City, released in conjunction with his Japan tour 2011, blew us away. A phat choppy edit of “Change Of Heart” backed with the dancefloor demolishing “Keep On Lovin Me” had us sitting up and firmly taking notice.

A quick dig turned up his outstanding LP “Long Distance” (2010, All City). If you like neon lit, heavily urban, neo-futuristic dubby downbeat with a sheen of R&B then look no further than this benchmark. With “Long Distance” Onra has produced a timeless classic, a sound which sits as comfortably in the now as it does in the future whilst nodding to the past. Cliché this may be but it stands true on this one. The LP features the Godzilla of compression that is “My Comet”. Never before or since has a single track sounded so LOUD! And it is this signature sound that makes Onra one of our favourite producers.

After “Long Distance” and “Edits” Onra embarked on his second Chinoiseries to explore tradititional SE Asian music and apply some Hip Hop beats to proceedings. Both Chinoiseries LPs paying homage to his roots with proceeds going to humanitarian aid in Vietnam. Bringing us up to now(ish), in August 2012 Fools Gold release his “Deep In The NIght” EP. Playing out like a mini LP follow up to “Long Distance” it features the ‘too Pop for popular consumption’ VBB featuring Jay Kin and Amalia. How this track hasn’t dominated all Radio waves on Earth since it’s release is anyones guess but as always the Underground is all the better for it! The whole EP hits hard and pound for pound is one of the strongest Nu-Urban, Synth Beat, Hip Hop EPs of recent times and serves as a Royal Standard for the current resurgence of quality downbeat we’re lucky to be experiencing right now. Big Up Yourself Onra!

At present Onra is getting abstract with Buddy Sativa on their Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo project but for those yearning more urban output from the master check this small offering from his Soundcloud page, possibly a taster of more to come.

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Summer Solstice 2013

It’s the height of summer down in our Earth landing zone and time for our second summary of all the platters of matter that really matter. Since the equinox downbeat synthfunk has taken off and in its many forms dominates this list almost completely. In no particular order, after Pomrad!….

1. Pomrad – This Day EP (Ernest Endeavors/EE006)

Next Level Proto-Synth business, setting the bar.

2. K-Maxx – Sweater Funk Presents (Sound Boutique/SB004)

Untouchable independent Soul.

3.Tall Black Guy – 8 Miles To Moenart (First Word/FW92)

Super quality deep downbeat.

4. Homeboy Sandman – Kool Herc:Fertile Crescent (Stones Throw/STH2319)

Uniquely delivered Ol’ Skool style Hip Hop.

5. DJ Vas – Re-Edits & More Vol.1 & 2 (EDR17/18)

French Touch Disco Edits.

6. Potatohead People – Back To My Shit (Bastard Jazz/BJ7:11)

Hip Hop way too strong for popular consumption.

7. Dwight Sykes – Songs Vol.1 (Peoples Potential Unlimited/PPU-044)

Ultra Lo-Fi connoisseur blend strong funk.

8. Dreamboat – Special Kiss (Cosmic Chronic/CC#92)

Miami murk boogie.

9. Cole Medina – Disk Union Series (Licorice Delight/LD002,LD003,LD004)

Edit bombing 90s R & B triple release.

10. Andras Fox Ft. Oscar S. Thorn ‎– Embassy Café (Dopeness Galore/DG 11 001)

Deep Art House package.

11. Max Graef ‎– Am Fenster (Tartelet Records/TART 025)

The new Deep House-Step sound.

12. Boe & Zak – Kiss My Cologne (Editainment/TAIN12)

Just beats but serious BEATS.

13. DJ Sprinkles – Kissing Costs Extra (Kolour LTD/KLRLTD013)

Uber deep layered blend.

14. Bjørn Torske & Siob Latsyrc ‎– Percussion Mix 2 (Sex Tags Mania/MANIA 22)

Re-pressed Techno slammer.

15. Colm K – The Love EP (Bastard Jazz/BJ023)

Halfway through “The Attic” for the most uplifting synth break of the year so far.

16. Tufo – Leadlights (Citywurl /CWURL013)

Deep Synthbeat Garage fusion.

17. DJ Format & Edan – Spaceship Earth (Slice Of Spice/SSR-010)

Edan rappin’ ’bout space an’ shit.

18. Kid Sublime ‎– The World Tour (Dopeness Galore/DG 10 005)

Joyous Jack House.

19. Touch Sensitive ‎– Pizza Guy / Show Me (Future Classic/FCL80)

Breathy Midtempo Bounce.

20. Grimy Edits – Vol. 6 (Grimy Edits/GRIME 006)

Incessent dusty disco edits.

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Transmission #4

Transmission #4 by Bucw on Mixcloud

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Transmission #3

Transmission #3 by Bucw on Mixcloud

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2013 Vernal Equinox Hot Wax

Vinyl selections to make you feel fine…

1. Grooveman Spot Feat. Capital A – Inevitable (Jazzy Sport/JSV135)

Total Hip-House throwdown. Large.

2. Inkswel – Tu Machito (Firecracker/Unthank004)

Favela Electro with proportionate 10″ sleeve!

3. Sexual Harrassment – You Are My Sexual Connection (Dam-Funk & Lil’ Kenny version) (Citinite/Nite-16)

Electro Cyber Boogie Monster.

4. Maseratay – Sexxxy (On-Point/OP08)

Very nice downbeat synth funk.

5. Circle City Band – Circle City Band (LuvNHeight/LHR100681)

Gladiators and My Place stand out in the Electro Boogie Club queue, in you come!

6. JKriv & The Disco Machine – Make It Hot (Mixes) (File Under Disco/FUD04)

Idjuts dub out whilst Duff Disco get Balaeric.

7. Tiger & Woods – Banana Balls EP (Editainment/TAIN11)

More infectious best bitcoin casino Houseyness…

8. MCDE-Send A Prayer (MCDE1210)

Satisfying with more signature phatness.

9. Tornado Wallace – Thinking Allowed (ESP Institute/ESP015)

Tornado gets busy on the meditation tape samples.

10. Sasac – All Pleasures (Omega Supreme/BT1002)

Exceptional downbeat synthfunk from Stockholm. Seek the tape album.

11. KMFH – Down! (Wild Oats/WO-6K)

The best 90s Chi House since 90s Chi House!

12. DJ Vas – Re-edits & More Vol.1 (EDR/EDR017)

“One Love” is where the warmth’s at.

13. Randee Jean – You Got It (Clone Royal/Royal14)

Eleven years on, Lips deliver quality mixed house package.

14. JKriv & The Disco Machine – Make It Acid (File Under Disco/FUD05)

Idjuts on the deep acid tip.

15. Yam Who – Demo Disc 19 (Demo Disc/DEDISC019)

N Funkin drenches with string soaked groove.

16. Moon B – Moon B (Peoples Potential Unlimited/PPU043)

Lo-Fi Electro outta Atlanta.

17. Robbie M – Let’s Groove (Peoples Potential Unlimited/PPU042LP)

Great Artist, Great Label, Great Sound!

18. Persnickety All Stars – The Final Round (Persnickety/PS1008)

Getting drunk in Tokyo never sounded so good.

19. Lindstrom – Vos-Sako-Rv (Todd Terje Edit) (Smalltown Supersound/STS23712)

Baroque Android Parlour Music.

20. Space Dimension Controller – Welcome To Mikrosector 50 (R&S/RS1303LP)

Long awaited audio Sci-Fi journey arrives and doesn’t disappoint.

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Cassette Review

Those that thought vinyl was to die at the hands of digital music have, thankfully, been proved wrong with the continued strength of a record scene which is apparently as healthy as ever.
But tape would be widely agreed as being a truely lost format thanks to the CD and laterly downloads.
It goes without saying that this author has always had a soft spot for the old ferric and still employs a Yamaha Deck on the bridge of the good ship BUCW. Especially good for adding a lo-fi compression to anything that sounds a little too clean, various artists have been getting heavy with tape in their production process ever since it was rendered obsolete by digital recording.
This production use is granted, but you’d be hard pressed to find official release mixes or albums on cassette until now.

Two great new tapes have prompted this author to shout, the first from Liger Media in the shape of the third instalment of their Liger Music mix series. Side A plays host to Tom Noble who treats us to an 80s Lovers Groove set. Side B is taken care of in a more traditional Boogie Funk vein by Eddie Funkster. This is well worth seeking out, as are the preceeding two selections released on CD (BUCW review).

The second MC offering is the superb SASAC album on Omega Supreme Records. This Stockholm based producer is making downbeat Synth Funk in a very similar mould to Dam Funk and is well worth checking out. He has a 7″ out but this cassettte features sixteen tracks of tripped out bliss for less than the price of a 12!
This release is a promo of a forthcoming LP due this year. Both these tapes are distributed by the mighty PPU Records and can also be acquired from a number of stockists worldwide.
So, dig out your walkmans, clean your heads and seek out these fine cassettes. Long may the humble tape remain with us.

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Spacecast 110213

Spacecast 110213 by Bucw on Mixcloud

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Spacecast 040213

Spacecast 040213 by Bucw on Mixcloud

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Spacecast 280113

Spacecast 280113 by Bucw on Mixcloud

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Dr. Alex Saylor, The Reanimator

Two great vids from The Reanimator…

Junei’: “Let’s Ride” from Dr. Alex Saylor, The Reanimator on Vimeo.

Tony Cook feat. Dam Funk: “What’s On Your Mind?” from Dr. Alex Saylor, The Reanimator on Vimeo.

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